Course Info

This is a 9 basket disc golf course with 2 tee locations per basket. Basket distances vary between 220′ and 380′.

The park is relatively flat and lightly wooded, there is also a pond. The current t-pad locations utilize the available space and obstacles thoughtfully and efficiently.

There is one water carry on this course, basket#7.Water is also a factor to consider on baskets 4, 5, 6 and 9.

Make sure your name and number are noted on your discs! If you leave a disc behind you’ll probably get it back 🙂

Palm Springs Park is enclosed by a fence and this fence is in play on multiple baskets. If a disc comes to rest outside the fence the throw is out of bounds.

Keep in mind there is a playground located in this park, though it’s never in play. If your disc does happen to pin-ball into the playground the lie is out of bounds. :p Disc golfers always give other park users the right of way.